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Get to know Real Estate Academy of Orlando

Are you looking for a new career in Real Estate?

Here is a video to give you a better idea of what Real Estate Academy of Orlando is all about.

We may be new to Orlando, but we’re not new to Real Estate Education.  Christopher Albanese, our Owner and Director of Education, has been in the Real Estate industry since 2001.  He started his career after graduating from University of Florida with a degree in Business Administration.  His early years in Real Estate were focused on leasing and property management in Gainesville, FL.  Chris moved to New York City where he secured his first Real Estate License and later earned his Broker License, while branching out into residential sales.

After returning to Florida, he received his Florida Broker License and Real Estate Instructor License.  Chris spent the years prior to opening Real Estate Academy of Orlando as Director of Education and Training for Real Living All Florida Realty and All Florida Real Estate Schools.  He’s proven time and again that his experience and knowledge in the many facets of Real Estate set him apart from others.  Many newly licensed agents launched their career with his custom designed Mentorship Program.   As Director of Education and Training he developed an extensive Agent Training Portfolio to help experienced agents reach new levels in their careers.

A Passion for helping others succeed

This passion is what initially attracted Chris to Real Estate.  He has said “Helping people find their new home may sound like a small thing, but a new home can have a profound effect on someone’s life.  This home could be their first step to building real wealth, starting a family, or moving across the country for a better life or career. Because of this, I don’t take the importance of my role for granted.”  This same desire to help is what brought Chris into Real Estate Education.  Training new agents from the origin of their career allows him to instill in them the same understanding that their work has importance and the customers they serve deserve someone who cares about them.

Changing Careers Changes Lives

Our motto is Changing Careers Changes Lives, and we truly believe that in every possible way.  There are many reasons why people are drawn to the Real Estate industry.  Some may be looking for a higher income, a more flexible schedule, a career with meaning or a profession with unlimited growth potential.  When you take the leap into the Real Estate industry, your life will be changed forever and you’ll unlock your full potential.  And it’s not just your own life you’re changing, it also changes the lives of those around you.  You’ll have the ability to make time for family and friends while building your business.  It changes the lives of those you will work with and serve.  The buyers and sellers that need your expert guidance will be grateful for your help through a sometimes challenging transition in their own lives.

The many sides of the Real Estate industry

When people think of getting a Real Estate License, many think it’s all about showing houses and wearing a brightly colored blazer, AKA residential sales.  However, the industry has many sides, and residential sales is just one possibility of what can be done with a Real Estate License. Also, no bright blazer required!  Beyond Residential Real Estate there is Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial, Business Brokerage, Investment and Consulting.  Each of these can be further divided into the type of transaction such as Sales, Leasing or Management.  Finally, all can be further specialized. For instance, someone may work in Commercial Real Estate Sales with a focus on Restaurants and Hospitality, while another may focus on Medical Office spaces.  Even Residential Sales can be segmented where one agent may be the go-to person for Equestrian Properties while another agent may tailor their work to Vacation Properties.  The possibilities are endless and your Real Estate License is what you make of it.

We invite you to start you career with us here a Real Estate Academy of Orlando.


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