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How to get A Florida Real Estate License

How To Get Real Estate LicenseWe get calls all the time from people asking how to get started as a Real Estate Agent, so we decided to write this article to give you a quick overview of the process.


Before you can begin working as a Real Estate Agent you will first need to be licensed by the State of Florida as a Real Estate Sales Associate. If you haven’t previously been licensed to sell Real Estate in Florida or any other State or Country, this is where we all begin.

To earn your Real Estate Sales Associates license you just follow these 4 steps and note that you can do the first three in any order you choose.

Step 1: Apply to the state for your license using Form # DBPR RE 1

This application serves two purposes. First it is your official application for Licensure and second it’s also your application to take the State Exam.

Step 2: Submit to Electronic Fingerprinting, this is for the state to conduct a background check.

Step 3: Complete the 63-hour Pre License Course and pass the 3 hour School Exam with a 70% or above.  This is the Florida Real Estate Sales Associates     Pre-License class or simply FREC I.  This course can be completed online or in person. Register Now

Step 4: State Exam 3.5 hours 100 questions grade 75% or above.


Remember the first 3 steps can be completed in any order, but the State Exam is always your last step.

Now once you’ve passed the state exam, you must work for either a Licensed Real Estate Broker or an Owner Developer. As a Sales Associate you cannot open your own company. After you have at least 2 years of experience working under the direction and control of a Licensed Real Estate Broker, you may then begin the process to earn your Broker’s License too.

At Real Estate Academy of Orlando, we want to help you succeed. We offer live classes with superior instructors who are also successful Real Estate agents. When the instructors have a Mastery of the licensing laws and the training materials plus real world experience in today’s market, our students get an amazing opportunity to learn from the best.

We schedule our Live Classes with busy people in mind. Each month we create schedule to accommodate real life. We offer a 1 week or 2 week day classes, Evening Classes and weekend classes.

If you need even more flexibility, we have online classes that allow you to work at your own pace.

When you’re ready to take your State Exam, we offer a weekend Exam Prep class designed to review in two days what you learned over the entire class.

Later in your career, we’ll see you back again for Post License Training and Continuing Education.

Here is the quick summary with approximate costs.

  1. Apply For License with Fl DBPR $89
  2. Electronic Fingerprints $57
  3. FREC I Pre License Class for Sales Associates $325
  • Final Class Exam 100 Questions, 3 Hours 70% or higher
  • 63 Hours cannot miss more that 8 hours
  1. Take State Exam ($31.50) 3 Hours 100 Questions, 75% or higher to pass
  2. Choose a Broker to work for.

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