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45 Hour Post License for Sales Associates Study Resources

Study Resources for 45 Hour Post License Course .

We know that the renewal deadline sneaks up on a lot of licensees and those who need to complete the Post License Course have the added stress that this course is required to keep your license.  We’ve compiled some resources to help you complete the course.  Also, here is a list of 5 tips to passing the course the first time.

Power Point Slides

Here are the power point slides for all 14 chapters.

Chapter True/ False Quizes

These quizzes work great as a quick study guide.  The included answer keys will give you clear details of why each question is either true or false.

5 Tips to Passing the First Time

After you pass the state exam, take your 45 Hour Post License course as soon as possible.  This helps to ensure that all that studying you did the first time continues to pay off with less effort when taking the post license class.  Remember, this class will build upon what you learned in the 63 Hour Pre-License course.

Plan an efficient schedule to complete the course quickly, but be sure not to burn yourself out with too many hours at once.  We learn best when we can focus in short 20-30 minute bursts followed by a short rest period. This allows you to absorb the material by staying focused and not getting distracted.  When you’re too distracted you might read an entire page and not remember any of it.  Stay focused.

Stay Focused.  Try to minimize distractions as much as possible.  This can be quite a challenge with an online course since the world is at your fingertips.  Open your browser to full screen and temporarily turn off any automated announcements and messages from IM, Email, Text Messages, Facebook, etc.  Try to stick to the material prepared in the course.  Be careful of using google to get extra information on a subject, remember real estate laws change from state to state and they also change over time.  What may have been correct even in the same state last year, may be incorrect today.

Make you own flash cards.  As you go through each of the 14 Chapters you’ll take a chapter quiz prior to moving to the next chapter.  These chapter quizzes can be a great study resources later.  Write the questions out by hand on 3×5 index cards with the question on one side and the answer on the back.  Later you can uses these flash cards to test yourself.  It’s important that you write them by hand.  The activity of reading the text and writing it by hand, creates a stronger memory bond and will later help you to remember the information easier.

Build your own Study Guide. As we said earlier, writing information out by hand helps to strengthen the memory bond and you’ll have an easier time remembering what you wrote rather than what you simply read.  Take notes throughout the course, organize your notes by chapter and subheadings.  This will help commit the information to memory and provide you with an off-line study guide to assist you before you take the final exam.